Our Team

beckyBecky Lowe Rapoport Facility Owner, Awards Committee, Treasurer  

Becky has been competing in the Extreme Cowboy Racing sport for 4 years.  She has qualified and competed in the EXCA World Championships for the past 3 years on her mare (pictured) Sweet Alila.  Becky is the 2016 California EXCA State Reserve Champion.  It is because of her dedication and passion for the sport that Shades of Gold Ranch brings you EXCA in 2017.  ShadesofGoldRanch@yahoo.com



Bill Cameron – Ethics & Rules Committee, Shades of Gold Ranch Trainer, EXCA Judge & Course Designer .  

Bill has competed in EXCA since 2008.  He is a certified level 5 EXCA Judge, EXCA Hall of Famer and clinician.  His horse, Dun It For Money was the first horse inducted into the EXCA Horse Hall of Fame.  Bill travels the world introducing EXCA, training judges, riders and their horses in the fastest growing sport around the globe. Bill designs the EXCA World courses, is a World Championship judge, and is a key player in the successful running of the EXCA World Championship since 2012.  He has extensive experience in running shows and judging.  NaturalBornRacers@gmail.com



Evon KurtzShow Manager, Sponsorship Committee, EXCA International Advisory Board Director , Event Photographer

Evon has been working alongside Bill Cameron since 2005.  She assists Bill in the running of the EXCA World Finals, has run many EXCA events locally as show manager and announcer, was the 2012-2013 EXCA official videographer, and has brought EXCA to Europe.  EXCA Hall of Famer and a dedicated competitor.

EvonKurtz@gmail.com    EvonKurtzPhotography@gmail.com




Steve Rapoport- Facility Owner, Ring Crew & Grounds Designer

Steve is the man behind Shades of Gold Ranch.  He manages the grounds, constructs the obstacles, manages the ranch, and is always in good spirit.  A gentle compassionate and kind man.  A truly great addition to the team.